Beauty and human-centered innovation to build a better world

Fellows of Politecnico di Milano.US, Inc. (FPM.US) was established in 2021 in New York, and it is dedicated to supporting and spearheading the vision of Politecnico di Milano in the United States of America.

Our Vision

Fellows of Politecnico di Milano.US (FPM.US) propels the vision of Politecnico di Milano. The Public Charity aims at shaping the future leveraging the Italian humanistic approach that merges scientific and technological innovation with human-centric design and creativity. FPM.US has a purposeful focus on sustainability, diversity, and equity.

Our Mission

FPM.US is a US non-profit organization that thrives on cultural alliances and industry partnerships between Italy and the United States of America, grounded on Italy’s leadership in innovation, human-centric design, and technology, and its footprint across industries, from design and architecture to engineering.

FPM.US is dedicated to spreading awareness and fostering support for sustainability, global research, education leadership, technological innovation, and social and cultural diversity at Politecnico di Milano.

For companies, institutions, and private individuals based in the US, our diverse intellectual community is the gold standard to engage with critical global challenges. Leveraging our wide professional network in the US, philanthropic support is channeled through groundbreaking projects and implementation of disruptive ideas that propel the vision of Politecnico di Milano.